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Published on January 8th, 2014 | by MIT Sloan Tech Club Officers


MIT Tech Conference 2014

Disrupting technologies today are more than merely incremental innovations – those ever so slightly thinner screens and faster processors. Rather, disrupting innovations are shifting entire industries, and even creating entirely new ones, around the world. The technologies of today and tomorrow will enable us to fundamentally change how we live, work, learn, and play in ways we have never fathomed.

These innovations touch our daily lives in many different ways. Quantum computing presents us with a multitude of opportunities, and at the same time, renders almost all existing security encryption useless. Cars now maneuver busy traffic without human control, incidentally eradicating the factor of human error.

Most recently, new technologies have changed the way we perceive the world around us. Augmented reality enriches our vision with data from the cloud. Wearable devices, equipped with sensors, give us feedback about our vital signs, blurring the boundaries between us and machines.

These shifts, and many more, are at the heart of MIT Sloan’s 2014 Tech Conference theme. In three keynotes and four expert panels, we will address the following questions:

  • What innovations will disrupt our lives as early as 2014?
  • What innovations will disrupt entire technologies and create new industries?
  • How can we take advantage of these developments?
  • What are some of the implications that we have to look out for?


Come ready to see and experience how your life can be disrupted by fascinating new technologies!

Tentative List of Panels:

Disrupting Human Behavior   Disrupting Education
This panel will explore the development of technology that allows for a closer link between the human body and devices. The primary focus will be on recent innovations in wearable technology and brain machine interfaces and projections for each segment over the next several years. Discussions will cover technological development and constraints, early customer feedback, and ethical/societal implications. Target companies and products include Google Glass, MC10 (wearable technology), Neurosky (brain-machine interface), and Jawbone.   Education is an industry that is on the cusp of being swept by disruption, with massive open online courses (MOOC) being likened to the MP3. Panelists will discuss how all facets of education are being transformed by technology – from K-12 to universities to corporate education to educational games. These conversations will cover the entire spectrum of educational materials, instruction, and testing. Potential companies and products include EdX, Coursera, Clever, Media Lab Projects (Lifelong Kindergarten), Testive, Boundless, Khanacademy, and Imagine K12. 


Disrupting Marketplaces   Disrupting Communities
This panel will explore disruptive technologies that create more efficient markets through personalization, modern design, and circumvention/removal of antiquated regulations and barriers. Discussions will cover the challenges of seeding new marketplaces, changing customer buying habits and working with established industry participants in new ways, entering a high barrier market only to lower those barriers, and duplicating success as concepts scale. We will host companies such as LevelUp, Kickstarter, ShopPad, and Eventbrite.   Technology has proven to be disruptive in many ways, but perhaps the most profound one is how it changes human interactions. This panel will explore how disruptive technologies change the way digital identities, social networks, customer-led marketing, crowd-sourced information, and other community-focused disruptive technologies influence our daily interactions. We will invite panelists from organizations such as Quora, CarrotMob, Klout, and Unified Social-Media.


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